Appoggiatura and Logorrhea No. 637

In case it may not be known the Allen Community Center is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is currently home to at least 28,000 people who live in conditions that only be described as “Third World”. The counties that make up the Pine Ridge Reservation are categorized among the poorest in the United States of America.

Many homes on the reservation lack running water and proper sewer systems.

As of 2007 the statistics for those living on the Pine Ridge Reservation were beyond appalling:

  • Unemployment rate of 80 – 90%
  • Per capita income of $4,000
  • Eight times the national rate for diabetes
  • Five times the national rate for cervical cancer
  • Twice the national rate for heart disease
  • Eight times the national rate for tuberculosis
  • The alcoholism rate affecting the population is as high as eighty percent
  • One in four infants are born with fetal alcohol syndrome or the effects
  • The suicide rate is more than twice the national rate
  • Teen suicide is four time the national rate
  • Infant mortality is three times the national rate
  • Life expectancy on the Pine Ridge Reservation is lowest in the United States of America, and the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Only Haiti has a lower rate.

There are nine reservations in South Dakota, and the living conditions on all of them are similar to those on the Pine Ridge Reservation.